Embodying Courage, Vulnerability and Authenticity to allow your love to thrive in each present moment.


Come and dive deep together in this day workshop for couples, a beautiful journey that can transform your relationship by bringing more love and intimacy into your lives.


You will:

~ Receive tools to support you in connecting to the depth of your love for each other, even in the times when you feel far apart or closed.


~ Find new levels of intimacy, discover the power, joy and healing of your vulnerability and become the authors of your relationship.


~ Learn how to support your partner in being able to meet you in the moments when you are lost or closed.


~ Learn the importance of tracking; being able to articulate embodied awareness and internal commentary in any emotional state.


~ Learn how to express and communicate your needs, and learn how to be patient enough to help your partner find you so that you can both feel fully met.


~ Learn how to create a new foundation on which to rebuild your relationship to allow a greater depth of love, clarity, connection and passion.


The safety that emerges as you soften and open to each other, enables unseen defenses to dismantle allowing you to trust each other more. This facilitates the resolution of conflicts with ease and grace, allowing your love to grow.


This is an amazing opportunity to explore alongside other couples. Doing this work in a group is hugely beneficial; being witnessed and held in love by others creates a safety that allows you to explore your relationship more fully in ways that are not possible on your own.


In society today the reality of peoples relationships is hidden. When couples struggle they generally pull back and hide from the world. There is such great healing that takes place when lovingly witnessed and held by others while being at the core of your challenges and vulnerability.


“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source.” - Anais Nin


This is an amazing gift to your relationship. You are guaranteed to walk away feeling full of love and even closer to each other with an incredible new tool bag.


Sunday 11th November 10am - 6pm

East Sussex.


Lara will also be offering relationship coaching sessions at a reduced rate for anyone that would like support in going deeper following the workshop.


The Language of Love~ for couples