Come and cultivate divine sisterhood and nourish your soul whilst being held and witnessed in ways that everyday life doesnt always provide.


Are you looking for ways to understand and embrace yourself, to embody your power & your sexuality?  

Are you feeling the need to focus on yourself and find ways to honour and nourish yourself fully?

Do you long to connect with other women in a soft, gentle, lovingly held space where you can be embraced, encouraged and celebrated together for the magnificence that you are?


We invite you to join us for this deeply nourishing, one day workshop.


*An opportunity to be supported and guided into coming back to your feminine radiance,

*Drop deep into your womb space

*Be witnessed and held without judgement exactly as you.

*Explore ways to look after and tend to you


As women it is important to drop deep into our womb wisdom and nurture our soft inner fluidity.

In this busy and demanding world it can be hard to stay balanced and find the time to make space for self care. Through all the challenges, it is important to be sure we are living our lives in a way that sustains and supports us. Making time for deep nourishment is an important part of that.


Come and breath deeply into your core Feminine Essence.


This is a place to find balance & peace in your body and mind.



Co-lead with Hanna Angel from Loving Your Sensual Self


(£45 concession)

Surrendering Into The Feminine ~

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