Move - Connect - Play


Allow the the wisdom of your body to move you into a more alive and connected interactions.


This is a fun relational laboratory where authentic connection with self and other is explored through simple practices of breath, sound, touch and MOVEMENT.


Moving attuned with the wisdom of the body relating with others becomes tender, playful and erotic.


In this workshop you will learn:

* Non verbal communication skills - As two separates weaving together a shared presence

* Finding your yes and your edge - Trust your gut’s yes and no

* Presence communication skills - Dialoging from the embodied truth of this moment while weaving in the impact you have on others and so on.

* Ways to yield, surrender and let go into the ever moving connection and aliveness with another

* Ways to initiate, lead and express your instincts when interacting

* How to lead and follow, and dissolve into an attuned dialogue with self and other, in stillness and movement, energetically, emotionally and physically

* Ways to access and trust in your wild, untainted power, pre-domestication, through animal play

* Ways to access the wisdom of your body and its innate drive to heal, adapt and develop new capacities



What are we going to do?


* Moving Intimacy - Relational movement meditations

Solo, paired, trio, small group and large group practices.


* Relational exploration in presence - From intimate to intense, from stillness to movement - learning the main ingredients of making love


* Authentic communication that dissolves our separateness - Empowering vulnerability where you and I dissolve into a we





All exercises are invitations and consensual. The focus is on exploring connection and aliveness, in motion and space. All exercises can be done with comfortable clothes on. Partial and total nudity might be invited. And if so, this to invite more sensations, sense of vulnerability, receptivity and pleasure.


This workshop is for all levels of experience. For singles, couples, and people who’s relationship style does not fit any label in particular. Its for straight or gay or LBTQ. For people who have some experience of Tantra, personal growth, psychotherapy, group or couple therapy, shamanism, sacred sexuality, etc. who are interested in exploring how to take the practices of connecting into movement and expression. For people who have some experience of dance, movement, theatre, and martial arts, who are curious about bringing their embodiment to connecting with others. It is also a workshop for group facilitators, body workers, therapists, coaches and other professionals who are interested in working with intimacy and movement.


Date: Friday 7th September 2018

Time: 7:00-10:00pm

Location: The Loft (Little dippers), 40-42 Upper Gardner St, Brighton BN1 4AN


Cost: £15 for Embodied Intimacy London participants

(full price £30)




Embodied Intimacy: In Motion ~ Brighton

Friday 7th September 2018