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My name is Lara and I am a relationship coach, conflict mediator and workshop facilitator.

(Certified Heart IQ relationship coach, and conflict facilitator).


I live in East Sussex with my partner, and continue to travel the UK and Europe offering workshops and sessions on Love, intimacy, embodyment and sexuality.


My greatest passion is supporting people in finding more bliss, empowerment and deeper connection in themselves and their relationships, aswell as all areas of their lives.


My deeper journey into intimacy and concsious relationships started in my late teens. I threw myself into a range of different workshops and trainings on intimacy, conscious relationships and sacred sexuality.


My fascination with relationships, their dynamics and the internal landscape of each individual realy began when I was about 9 years old. I remember sitting and giving relationship advice to a friend of my mum. I could see and understand all the details of their challenges really clearly. My fascination continued to grow, and along with it my passion for supporting people in having happier, healthier relationships.


I remember witnessing adults and thinking how weird it was that they couldn’t see what they were doing. There seemed to be an incongruence in what they were saying and what I could see and feel was really happening for them.


Through ongoing training and personal development, as well as my own relationship journey, I have honed my intuition and understanding of our human emotional, energetic and psychological terrain. This has helped develop my skills of reading and understanding what is moving at a deeper level for individuals and and their relationship.


This understanding enables me to help people create powerful transformations by helping them voice, and work with, the underlying truths that are not being spoken.


I love my work! It brings me alive and keeps giving me more faith in life, love,and humanity.  

I am blown away by everyone I work with, every session deeply touches me, and I feel inspired by each relationship and their journey together and individually.  


When a partners really wants to make it work, and continue growing together, it is really incredible what can happen. And I feel so blessed to be witness to those moments.


Another passion of mine is supporting teens through offering a new form of education to supports them as they navigate their crazy transition into young adults.


I am currently working on developing some programmes that can be delivered in schools.

There aren’t many healthy relationship/communication role models around for young people these days. TV shows teach them about dramatic emotional outbursts rather then showing how to understand what they are really feeling, how to communicate in a way that can be understood and bring them and other individuals closer, creating more intimacy and safety in their relationships.


I am blessed to work with an incredible team of coaches, therapists and mentors enabling us all to offer the best that we can and are a wonderful team that I am happy to refer people to when I may not be that right person for the situation.


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